Commission Winners Announced….and it’s us!

We are thrilled to announce Club Soda has won a commission from Drake Music in partnership with Southbank Centre, to create a new piece of music that will be inspired by stories from the 1960’s about the Queen Elizabeth Hall. The Hall is currently closed for refurbishment and this commission is an invitation to look back on the impact that the building has had over the past 50 years.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for Club Soda musicians, who are all exceptionally creative. This project will help them grow as artists and music makers. When we told some of the main participants their response was overwhelmingly positive and excited, saying things like: ‘Amazing! Can’t wait to get started’, ‘I’m speechless’, ‘Lovely, rock ‘n’ roll!’ and ‘You’re kidding? I can’t believe it’.”

The commissions programme aims to act as driver and model for a more inclusive arts sector, whilst demonstrating high quality new work by talented artists using new technology.

Work will get underway in January and the new piece of music will be presented at a showcase event in March 2017.


The Carbonators at Friendship Never Ends Fest #2


The Carbonators will be playing at DIY Space For London this Friday (25 November) alongside Charla Fantasma, Joy-Rides and Catherine O’Rourke.

Charla Fantasma is a three-piece girl gang playing ghostly tunes while trying not to freak themselves out.

Joy-Rides have been going for over 11 years without compromising or practicing and have now swollen to 7 people who make noises, 2 of whom are a big booming rumbling rhythm unit and one is primordial keyboards and one is a sex-toy guitar and one is a dying-whale trumpet and one is a fire-alarm electric violin and 2 people assertively vocalising epigrammatic mantra phrases and there’s a big noise and there’s shouting and it is theatrical and spectacular and visual and intense and everyone gets very excited not least the audience. They have a pact to play at least one gig a year forever.

Catherine O’Rourke
Reverb-heavy 80’s influenced pop from an enigmatic DIY artist that has been recording and performing in and around Brighton and London for years.

Doors: 19:30

Catherine O’Rouke: 20:00
Joy-Rides: 20:30
The Carbonators: 21:15
Charla Fantasma: 22:00

Night runs until: 23:00

£5 on the door / carers free / nobody turned away for lack of funds

Flat access / Gender Neutral Accessible toilets
Full access info:

Check out:

DIY Space For London is a volunteer/community run space, to attend events here you must be a member. Joining costs £2, lasts for a year, and you can pay online. Membership takes 48 hours to take effect and you will receive a membership card the first time you visit the space. Please note that you must be 18 years and over to be a club member; people under 18 can come to the space but must be accompanied by a cardholder.

The Pop Artists: Tile Map Project


The Croydon Tile Map is a collaborative artwork made by The Pop Artists now on display in Croydon Clocktower.

Instead of working geographically, the map is instead an abstracted and modular representation of Croydon and led instead by significance of the various landmarks to the members of the group. These include various parks and public gardens, shops such as Wing Yip and Ikea, transport links and iconic architecture such as No.1 Croydon and the Exchange Square Pumping Station. The featured artists are,

Angela Rebecca Carrett
Chris Ellis
Delroy Ford
Edward Streatfield
Loraine Ann O’Shaughnessy
Robert Leslie Lovejoy
Wendy Mota