Club Soda Manifesto

Our Events and workshops are:

Empowering – A place for freedom of expression and to learn new skills

A community – Connect with new and old friends

Trendsetting – We break boundaries in music and media

A Party – ‘Lively, Rocking, A brilliant night out!’


We aim to change:

Croydon’s social scene – More accessible gigs, events and venues!

People’s attitudes towards people with Learning Disabilities – don’t underestimate us!

The Music Industry – More representation of neurodiverse artists in mainstream spaces

We believe:

‘Music is important because it allows you to express feelings and what you’re thinking’

‘The neurotypical way of doing things is not always the most creative, interesting, or fun way of doing things’

‘Music is a powerful tool to bring people together’

‘Every person with a learning disability is different – We deserve to have a choice, be understood and be respected!’

Our Trustees and Advisory group

We have a dedicated and passionate group of Trustees as well as an advisory group for members (The Adfizzers) who meet regularly and are responsible for making important decisions about how Club Soda runs.

Our trustees and advisors are all volunteers who kindly give their time to Club Soda, doing front of house at our events, organising fundraising activities and supporting our partnership work.

The trustees organise an annual general meeting once a year, which is open to all Club Soda members, staff and partners. There are opportunities for all our members to join the trustee and advisory groups at the annual general meeting.


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