Make Your Own Partywear with the Makers of Stuff Squad (MOSS) 


With the Online SoDaDa Party coming up soon, we’re starting to get very excited!

We’re encouraging everyone to join in their best and most unusual partywear and MOSS have been making their own. If you’re not sure what to wear, click the links below for some inspiration and instructions from MOSS. 

Get out your craft materials and get creative! We would love to see sneak peeks of what you’re making so send us some photos and videos!

Find out more about SoDaDa

Date: Monday 7 December

Time: 7pm – 9.30pm 


The Makers of Stuff Squad (MOSS) and Turf Projects have been working together since June 2014. MOSS are a collective of learning disabled adult artists from in and around Croydon. Turf provide regular workshops for the artists on Wednesday afternoons to support their own artistic practices and work on collaborative projects. Find out more about MOSS here.