Meet our Trustees

My name is Terry, and I have been working with Club Soda for 10 years. I worked for the Met police for 18 years and in retail for 20 years, I now work for the MOJ. My interests are travel, singing and going to concerts. Being Chair of Club Soda gives me so much pleasure; helping people in Croydon with disabilities to have fun and meeting new people and giving opportunities to go to gigs.

My name is Sedley Wilson, and I have been working with Club Soda since 2009, when I started as part of the media team; this is where I learned a lot about film editing. I am also involved with two other local charities. In my spare time I like taking pictures and designing cards for my friends. My ambition as a trustee with Club Soda is for us to create more opportunities in media for young disabled people.

My name is Caroline. Many years ago, by chance, I was introduced to the wonderful world of Club Soda. At that time, I was frustrated by my lack of job opportunities and low confidence. Club Soda helped me overcome my difficulties, but also realise that my dyslexia is a gift. At Club Soda, I transformed from a media student into a media workshop leader, then radio presenter, filmmaker, and editor. I now work as a Brand Experience partner for John Lewis. I want to become a trustee so other people can discover their talents without fear of rejection or judgment. I want to increase the readership of the Leisure link newsletter and design creative engagement for Club soda events.

My name is Yasmin, and I’ve been volunteering with Club Soda since 2010. I started out as a design assistant bringing my fine art background to the creation of decorations for the Croydon Pop Tent in 2010. I also supported workshops teaching young people front of house skills. Watching people grow and blossom over the weeks, months and years is wonderful to watch and shows the importance of Club Soda to its members.

My name is Andrew. I was born in Croydon, and I live in Purley. I love music…lots of different types of music: pop, rock, indie, folk, reggae, soul, house, classical, electronic and Middle of the Road. I really love dancing too. In my life, I’ve had lots of opportunities to go dancing, watch bands and have a laugh with my friends. As this makes me so happy, I want to do what I can to support everyone to have the same opportunities. I want people to have discos, clubs, live band nights, plays and dance events to go to. I want everyone to be able to enjoy going out when they want to and to feel safe and happy. 

My name is Chetna, and I am a Creative Producer specialising in artistic programming, artist and event management. I have over 20 years’ experience working across many art forms from music, dance, theatre, disability arts and large-scale community events. As a Club Soda trustee, I hope to raise the profile of the fantastic work they do, not just in Croydon, but across London. It is my ambition to create inclusive spaces for everyone, whether to perform or just to enjoy music on a good night out. 

My name is Sophie and I have been a part of Club Soda for 3 years. I am involved in different projects that Club Soda run, like Soda Jam, Leisure Link, Gig Buddies and the advisory group which I enjoy. In my free time, I play football, do diamond painting, play my guitar, go out with friends and I am a huge Crystal Palace FC supporter. As a trustee I hope to make Club Soda bigger and better by providing a safe environment for young people with disabilities in Croydon to attend gigs and make new friends and to feel safe in Croydon.

My name is Paul, and I am a Speech and Language Therapist working with adults with a learning disability in Kingston and Richmond. Before that I worked in Croydon learning disability day services for about 20 years. I have had lots of fun at Club Soda events over the years and I am excited at the opportunity to be a trustee. I hope that I can make a useful contribution to future Club Soda plans and help Club Soda to continue to be the great organisation it is for people in Croydon.  

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Meet our Advisors (The Adfizzers)