Rock, punk, blues, soul and jazz all mixed up into good phonics

The Carbonators are based in Croydon and began as an echo-rock band that formed in 2011, initially to perform alongside the legendary Damo Suzuki (ex-CAN). Since then they have honed their own unique blend of Digital Blues, Punk/New Wave and Soul music. The band play rock n roll, punk, blues, soul and free jazz / improvised music all mixed up into good phonics.

They have recently completed a five track e.p. entitled NUMBER ONE named after No.1 Croydon 

NUMBER ONE was released by Constant Flux was the band’s long awaited third release, following their acclaimed albums:  The Carbonators (aka The Beans) and Supersonic


The Carbonators music is available from Bandcamp here!


Band Members

Adrian Clarke: Vocals & Digital Guitar

James Heath: Drums & Vocals,

Narendra Rajendran: Keyboards

Giles Frampton: Bass & Guitar

Alexander Holmes: Drums, Guitar and Vocals