Rock, punk, blues, soul and jazz all mixed up into good phonics

The Carbonators are based in Croydon and began as an echo-rock band that formed in 2011, initially to perform alongside the legendary Damo Suzuki (ex-CAN). Since then they have honed their own unique blend of Digital Blues, Punk/New Wave and Soul music. The band play rock n roll, punk, blues, soul and free jazz / improvised music all mixed up into good phonics.

Have been compared to Can, The Fall, Swell Maps, Roxy Music and Galaxy 500

Their latest release, ‘MONSTERTRONICS, contains 4 tracks plus an edited version of one the tracks. It was recorded between mid 2020 and 2021, remotely, as the band were unable to meet in person due to national Covid – 19 restrictions. With this record – for the first time – the band explored the possibilities of an entirely studio based production. The individual members each learnt to use music production software in order to make this record; ‘necessity is mother of invention’.

MONSTERTRONICS is released by St. Clements Records (the band’s own label), it’s their sixth release to date and follows their critically acclaimed mini album: ‘Conversation’ 


The Carbonators music is available from Bandcamp here!


Band Members

Adrian Clarke: Vocals & Digital Guitar

James Heath: Drums & Vocals,

Narendra Rajendran: Keyboards

Cris Sanchez: Bass Guitar

Alexander Holmes: Drums, Guitar and Vocals