System Experience

System Experience is an award-winning band (Culture Seeds 2019, Best Creative Project by Young People) from Croydon.

They are a high-energy symphonic rock group with strong socio-political and dreamy lyrics.

Ava’s raw and passionate vocals awake the mind to the government’s mistakes that prevent young people with Autism from receiving the right support. Manoj’s classical piano arrangements, Zoe’s symphonic riffs on violin and Leo’s drones on drums, create a charged and dramatic performance. Audiences connect and respond instantly.  

All members are accomplished songwriters in their own right and support each other in expressing individual ideas to create the System Experience. Formed in 2019 through the Soda Jam Sessions, the band members are:

After refining their sound and performing live in Croydon and Brighton last year, they plan to release their first EP in 2020.

System Experience performing at Croham Arms

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