MALZ - soundscapes, distorted guitars and pulsating grooves.

Formed in 2022  in Croydon, UK, MALZ is adding to the local Rock scene with their self-produced debut EP ‘Shattered’. After spending the best part of that year rehearsing and songwriting, they recorded their Debut EP at Rockbottom Music in Croydon early this year and are now looking to take the album on the road.

The band is formed by long-standing friends and was facilitated by Club Soda’s Artist’s development programme. The name itself stems from the initials of each member (M-att, A-nton, L-eo and Z-oe).

However, this Album is Zoe’s, the lead singer’s vision and her inspiration from bands like Ghost, Paris Jackson and Sonic Adventure. Her deeply felt and raw lyrics match the natural sound and authenticity of the recordings. Working on a very low budget and limited time, the band tried to capture Zoe’s emotions and expressions as best they could. This album invites the listener to a fantasy world where anything is possible, even immortality. Take the ride with MALZ. Enjoy!