Luminous Starchild

Manoj Rasanayagam, also known as ‘Luminous Starchild’, is a 24-year-old pianist, composer and EDM producer from Croydon. He is an accomplished classical pianist and wishes to continue his further education in Music Production.

During the pandemic, Manoj began to write and produce EDM/Drum & Bass music with an infusion of contemporary classical elements on GarageBand. He released his first single ‘Dreamscape’ on Soundcloud and is now working on his first EP – ‘Lucid Dreaming’.

Manoj is also a member of the local symphonic punk rock group ‘System Experience’ formed in 2019.

Manoj is Autistic and identifies as bi-sexual. Playing the piano and producing music is central to his wellbeing. He loves to share his passion with people and introduce communities to electronic classical music. Manoj aspires to be a role model for the young generation.

You can connect with Manoj through Instagram @virtualpianist_official