Soda Beat @ Scream Lounge

Date - 16/07/2018 Time - 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Scream Lounge
20c South End


Sabien Gator

Stephen Barnett and Shaun Moor have been working together under the support of Carousel since 2010. Having played together in various bands, the pair officially joined forces as Sabien Gator in September 2012 and have since added drummer Fraser Caygill to the band.

The multi-talented, multi-instrumentalists have recently worked on an exciting piece called Creatures of the Revolution; a collaboration with performer Matthew Hellett (aka Mrs Sparkle) and digital artists Sarah Watson and Jason Eade, with Simon Wilkinson (Circa69).


Robin Plays Chords

Robin Jax’s exploits as RobinPlaysChords have been built on a slow but steady sonic development. Building on the release of 2014’s Teardrop Girl-Star EP, 2017’s Teardrop Girl-Star LP – which was recorded in studios in the UK and Ukraine – is the culmination of six years of fine tuning a remarkably focused sound. Gentle shimmering textures and jagged distortion embrace each other warmly. Robin sings words that beckon you closer, to come forward across seemingly impassable distances. RobinPlaysChords has previously opened for the likes of The Irrepressibles and Thomas Truax, as well as appearing at Tramlines Festival and playing shows in mainland Europe.

Plus, Soda Beat regulars The Carbonators, Social Trip Wire and special guests from ‘Soda Jam’, Club Soda’s music project for young musicians.


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